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You can count on TÁTARA to:

We offer you diferents ways to enjoy our gastronomic experiences


Cocktail / Finguer Food

In the most relaxed atmosphere, for pleasant meetings, to stand around talking with everyone.

Fiesta de cena

Family Meal

Where the dishes are served in the center of the table and are shared with self-service


Individual service

The closest experience to a restaurant, where we can offer you from a classic menu to a seasonal 8-step tasting menu designed by the chef.


Picnic Brunch or Aperitivi

An invitation to enjoy of gastronomie surrounded by the kindness of nature. Our proposal: be amuse by a beautiful healthy and apulian picnic! and delight with the flavours and the magic of each season

If you are a person who always knows what you want. Perfect, we don't want to impose you corseted menus. Just tell us what you want. Here we can design a menu according your whishes.

However, if you are a little indecisive, trust us, leave it in our hands and enjoy ...
We can guide you, offering you the styles and menus that we already have.

Look at some examples

Tasting Menu 2021
Healty menu
Classic menu
Finger Food
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